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Our team of innovators, professionals, and advisors has what it takes to be the first to push into this unique intersection of growing technologies.

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Salvatore Gallo Aether United

salvatore gallo

Founder & CEO

Salvatore has an extensive history in successful business management across the globe. He's lived and worked on three different continents and has visited over 50 countries. Salvatore is an explorer, entrepreneur, experienced executive, mechanical engineer with an MBA.

He is fluent in English and Italian, with working knowledge of German, Latin, French, Spanish, and Mandarin.


Alisha Rosen Aether United

Alisha Rosen

Creative Director

Alisha is the first non-founder to join full time as Creative Director. She brings a lifetime of design experience and a highly motivated entrepreneurial spirit. She is a "Jack-of-All Trades - Master of Some" with a good technical/artistic balance. Alisha's desire for deep involvement and continuous learning makes her ideal for a startup environment. Her first business started at age 10 and the itch to build something new hasn't left her.


Giorgio Gallo Aether United

Giorgio gallo


Consumed software architect and entrepreneur, Giorgio has covered many different roles, starting as developer, becoming project manager and then CTO. Specialties include: Java, web technologies, RDBMS. He has over 15 years of technical experience and achieved a successful exit by selling his software house, Bitnic, to Cortilia.

He is fluent in English and Italian, with working knowledge of German and Latin.



Lowell Ness Aether United

Lowell Ness

Perkins Coie

Lowell Ness is a partner in the Perkins Coie's Corporate practice with considerable experience in securities law and corporate governance matters. Lowell is also a core member of the Blockchain Technology and Digital Currency industry group where he focuses part of his practice on assisting Blockchain, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency clients raise money by maintaining relationships with key venture capital groups and other potential investors in the industry.  He is very active and well known in the industry and often speaks on the subject.


Paul Chen Aether United

Paul Chen

Security Architect,

Paul Chen is a security architect at Salesforce and has years of experience in digital security, cryptography, and other topics that are critical to our success. With his experience at both startups and large established companies, we will do great things together.


Ken Jew Aether United

ken jew

Former Finance Manager,

Ken is a retired financial manager with an extensive background in operations and business partnering.  He brings expertise in the areas of planning, finance and accounting.   In his prior leadership roles, he effectively managed projects as well as people toward ensuring company profitability.  His experiences have been in the technology and medical Industries from startup to Fortune 100 companies.  Among them are Cisco, Informix, SmithKline Diagnostics and Atari.


Ken Jew Aether United

Leland Lee

Executive Board Member,
Blockchain at Berkeley

Leland has been involved in the cryptocurrency space since 2013, specializing in ICO auditing, general cryptocurrencies and game theory. He leads engagement and specialized audit for Blockchain at Berkeley. He has also worked in cryptocurrency related companies such as 21.co.


Cary Rosen Aether United

cary rosen

Founder & Former CEO,
Ecliptek Corporation

Cary has started, run, and sold numerous companies within the Electronic Components Industry.  Married with two adult children and having successfully sold his flagship company, he now feels it is time to offer his experiences to Aether United in starting, growing and monetizing their innovative and revolutionary vision at the intersection of esports and Blockchain.


David Heckadon Aether United

David Heckadon

Of Counsel,
Gordon Rees LLP

David Heckadon’s Intellectual Property practice focuses on patent application and prosecution. He has significant experience managing corporate patent portfolios and dockets (both domestic and foreign), and managing the patenting process from reviewing initial invention disclosure forms and meeting with inventors to drafting and prosecuting patents to allowance.

He is protecting the intellectual property of Aether United.


Joshua Shane Aether United

Joshua Shane

Managing Director & Strategist,Viewstream

Joshua is Vice President of Strategy for Viewstream, and Managing Director for the Seattle Office. His focus is marketing strategy—bringing game-changing ideas to market, elevating how way people work, play, think and create. When Joshua recognized the potential of Blockchain technology, he decided to join the movement—now promoting ownership, transparency and control for our eSports community.


Ander Frischer Aether United

Ander Frischer

Content Marketing Strategist,

Ander is a content marketing strategist and growth marketer with 7 years of experience in content strategy and production. He helps companies increase acquisition, conversions, retention, and lifetime value by using content marketing and growth hacking to create communities of product evangelists. Ander's focus is content with a high-quality of engagement that drives virality and user acquisition through word of mouth marketing.


Ian Roven Aether United


Esports & Blockchain 
Attorney at Law

Ian is a Licensed California Attorney practicing in Business, Real Estate and Blockchain Law. Before becoming a lawyer, he played internationally as a professional World of Tanks player.  Combining his love for law and his passion for gaming, he decided to become an esports lawyer to help untap the hidden potential within the athletes and the community as a whole.


Jason "Opie" Babo Aether United

Jason "OPie" Babo

Partnerships Manager,
Twitch TV

With almost 20 years of experience in the video game industry, Opie has had the privilege to be involved in exciting projects, build life changing tools for content creators, as well as work with some of the most talented people in the industry.

A greater part of his career has been focused exclusively on working directly with people as either a team manager, community manager, talent developer, or consultant. This is where his strengths lie. Helping people achieve their highest potential is what he loves to do, and every day he has had the opportunity to do that. He thrives on it


Chris "Chhopsky" Aether United

Chris "Chhopsky" Pollock

Esports Business Analyst

Chris is an esports veteran and business analyst who cut his teeth on Counter-Strike Beta 5.  He works with companies to create successful esports projects through careful planning and good decision-making.  Chris focuses on navigation within the corporate environment of esports and forming partnerships with third parties.


Alex "Kazahaya" Hirst Aether United

Alex “Kazehaya” Hirst

Professional Esports Coach,
League of Legends

Alex “Kazehaya” Hirst is a professional League of Legends coach. In 2017, Kazehaya became the head coach for Wind and Rain (WAR). Wind and Rain was a small team that no one had every heard of. However, Kazehaya was able to win the Ragnarok series and qualify for the Challenger Series Qualifiers. Ranked 11th out of 12 teams, Wind and Rain went 4-1 in the group stage and swept the final stage 3-0. Without Kazehaya’s individualized player coaching method, WAR would not have been able to beat the other world-class teams. We are very fortunate to have him with our team.


Marcus "Nazarene" M Aether United

Marcus "Nazarene" M.

Professional Esports Coach
& Consultant

Marcus is a professional League of Legends coach. He started coaching in the Oceanic region (OCE) and brought a Ranked 5s team into the highest competitive division (OPL). After honing his skills in OCE, Marcus went to the US where he is now coaching and working with top tier teams in the LCS. Marcus will be a great asset for us as we move into the esports industry.



Justin "JZ" Zheng Aether United

Justin "JZ" Zheng


Justin has been interested in and working with blockchain technology since he was 14 years old. He has two successful ICO's under his belt (FirstBlood and WeTrust). With his expertise in blockchain, he made the connection with esports and Aether United was born.


Ryan Cheng Aether United

Ryan Cheng

Founder & Tournament Organizer

Ryan is fully submerged in the esports community and is an avid League of Legends player. Seeking to improve the esports community, he and Justin came up with the idea that is Aether United.
Ryan is heading up the events and tournaments wing of the company.

He is fluent in English and Mandarin.


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