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Esports are a massively growing industry that generates
millions of dollars per year worldwide.


The fans will never fail

Competitive gaming is not going away. Esports has generated its own global culture—one filled with different subcultures unique to each gaming platform. For many gamers, this is their way of living: a lifelong passion.
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Gamers get wealthier, but stay forever young

Grown up Fan
Traditionally, video games were associated with children and teenagers—but that's changing as the teens of yesteryear stay highly involved in video gaming culture. Games keep evolving to keep the attention of a diverse demographic. Young teens keep aging into the esports market, but it's still common to find adults (with significantly more buying power) in their 30's and 40's getting together online to play together. Esports has become a juggernaut and as it becomes even more popular and mainstream, adults will stay actively involved even longer.

Fans are worldwide

The world is more connected and esports are no exception. Fans and players come from all over the world to participate in this phenomenon. This means that fans from across the globe are united by a shared passion. Esports guarantees a global audience.
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guarantee success

Fans are ambitious, determined and loyal to esports players. They want deep connections with their favorite teams and have a direct and positive influence on brand results. Our system empowers their passion, which fuels our ability to lead in esports. It is a positive feedback loop where everyone wins.

The power of crowd-traded Runes will increase with the success of each and every Aether United team.

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more resources

There are countless articles (some of which we link to at the end of this page) on the rapidly growing esports market.

Here two interesting market reports that we suggest you check out.

Esports Audience Growth Graph
Massive Industry Growth
The most obvious value in being involved with the esports industry is its explosive growth.

Competitive gaming has come a long way from the its origins; Atari's Space Invaders Tournament in 1980. Esports grew steadily in the 90's but really became what we know today in the early 2000's as technology improved and more fans aged into the target market. Gaming was finally gaining clout and the immense buying power of the target audience was recognized by savvy businesses. 

Growth, engagement and passion show absolutely no signs of slowing down, making esports "the next big thing" in online entertainment.
Major Prize Event Money Graph
Significant Financial Rewards

An excellent way to illustrate just how healthy the competitive gaming industry is, is to look at how much prize money is being awarded. Players are in it for the glory, but the huge sums of money don't hurt. Top players become young millionaires doing what they love. This helps players and teams pay for coaching, accommodations, airfare and more.

Such generous prizes would not be possible without a passionate and growing fan base pouring money into pro leagues.
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